15yo prodigy creates out of this world animal drawings from memory and it’s mindblowing


Born with incredible innate talent and creative drive, Serbian child prodigy Dusan Krtolica began drawing as early as 2 years old. Now at 15, he already had 6 exhibitions where he showcased his immense talent and mindblowing drawings.

Using only pencils or black pens, Krtolica draws his favorite subjects from the animal kingdom correctly anatomically just from memory.

His interest in the natural world started when his parents bought him a comprehensive encyclopedia of animals and he suddenly announced that he will draw them all.

“I love the diversity of the animal kingdom. Its ability to adapt and change. Drawing has always been a game for me,” said Krtolica to Bored Panda.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

Krtolica doesn’t limit his out of this world drawings to only living creatures. He also has special fascination to dinosaurs and early mammals. Recently, Krtolica writes and illustrates his very own published encyclopedia teeming with the prehistoric animals.

He enjoys drawing prehistoric animals too.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

“Our planet is four and a half billion years old. If we were to condense the history of Earth into one year, the whole of human existence would fit into the last few minutes. But what kind of species would we be if we did not want to explore everything that happened millions of years ago before we appeared?” writes Krtolica on his Facebook.

He’s only 15 but already had 6 solo exhibitions.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

His finished drawing looks magnificent.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

According to his parents, the first creature he drew was a whale.

His drawings looked even more amazing up-close. Look at the details.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

“It isn’t difficult for me. I enjoy it. I already have a picture of the animal that I want to draw in my head, so I don’t have to look at its actual picture when I’m drawing it,” said Krtolica.

His drawing includes something not as simple as this one,

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

To complex ones like this.

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

And he drew it all just by memory!

Credit: Dusan Krtolica

He’s the Michaelangelo of the animal kingdom.

Credit: Bored Panda


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