Choose which couple looks the happiest and it will explain more about your relationship


Haptic is a type of nonverbal communication through touch studied by social psychologists. While not many actually heard of it, experts claimed there’s a lot we can tell about a couple just by looking at how they behave around each other.

Brightside has come up with a test which will tell more about your relationship. Choose which couple that you think looks the happiest:

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Have you made your choice? Here’s what it means:


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In your relationship, the woman’s very proud of her partner and wants the world to know about it. She’s independent, takes good care of herself, and doesn’t care what society thinks. As for the man, he’s a committed person that values the relationship and always working on it. Motto in your relationship is openness to each other.


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Behind every great man is a great woman is the exact saying to represent your relationship. The woman pays attention to important things, not letting her man in the dark. She helps him concentrate and the man will go far with her support.


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The man is the leader in your relationship. He’s responsible and a little hot-tempered but balanced out by his partner’s calmness and peacefulness. The motto for your relationship would be ‘He holds us both, she holds the balance”.


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The hug suggests that the man wants to protect his woman from anything and support everything she does. The basis for your relationship is mutual respect and unconditional trust.


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Besides always supporting each other, you enjoy spending time together in whatever you do. You happily enjoy each other’s company.


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You are not the kind to express your feelings in public but respects each other’s wishes, interest, and opinions. This couple is the most romantic souls who cherish each other but didn’t display that on social media for others to see.


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You share a lot of things in common, so you’ll never be bored around each other. You tend to express feelings and romantic gestures in public, so all of your friends think that you’re the sweetest couple.

Was this test accurate for you?

Credit: Bright Side


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