11-month-old listens to violin for the first time and his reaction wins the internet


A mother to an 11-month-old adorable toddler, Audrey is also a music teacher and singer-songwriter from New York. One day, Audrey posted on Twitter a video violin being played and her little boy’s cute reaction to it has since gone viral with 2.78 million views. 

In the 1 minute short clip, the little boy was seen running towards the musician as soon as she started playing the stringed instrument.

He stared at her for a while,

Credit: Twitter/Rachel

And rushed towards her.

Credit: Twitter/Rachel

The boy firstly stood and stared at the violinist from a distance and walked towards her when she continued playing the instrument. The boy seemed not to believe his ears while listening to the instrument.

Listening to the sound of the violin for the first time, the boy sat at the violinist’s feet when she did a rendition of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love.

He enjoys the music in awe while sitting.

Credit: Twitter/Rachel

“I need to stand to hear this better.”

Credit: Twitter/Rachel

The adorable 11-month old continues to stare at the violinist without disturbing her. Probably fascinated by the sound, the little boy then got on his feet before continuing to listen to the sweet melody.

Enchanted by the beautiful music, the little boy unable to contain his adoration and hugged the musician’s legs.

Credit: Twitter/Rachel

According to his mother whose husband is a Broadway conductor told that she also plays the ukulele to her son and even takes him to baby music classes. Well, that explains his adorable reaction to the sweet violin melody.

He has the cutest reaction ever!

Credit: Daily Mail UK | Twitter


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