If you are in China, you can now hire someone to drink bubble tea for you—no more extra weight from it!


Originated from Taiwan, bubble milk tea has now become one of the most favorite drinks around the world. The aromatic and delicious taste of boba makes us crave for it on a daily basis but we can’t ignore the fact that it’s sweet and risky to our health if we consume it every day.

If you’re just as crazy as me about boba but worried about drinking sweet drinks every single day, you might want to put this latest service from China into consideration. As reported by Apple Daily, the service has been getting attention on famous Chinese online shopping website Taobao.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the person providing the service will send you a video describing the boba when you hire her.

Credit: Sin Chew

She will thoroughly describe the color of the boba, the ingredients used in it, sugar level, the taste of the drink—basically everything you can think of when it comes to boba.

The person offering the service also claimed that they will never recycle their videos as each of them contains a date stamp. By means, the drinker will drink a new boba as you hire them and they will not show you videos used for another customer.

In one of the offers found on Taobao, the service provider assures that you have nothing to worry anymore as they willingly risk their health for you.

Credit: Apple Daily

“Don’t worry about gaining weight, high blood sugar, or high blood pressure. I will bear your health risks for you. I can send you a video. I guarantee it will look like you were drinking it yourself.”

One of the drinkers revealed that she decided to join in the trend because she’s happy with the fact that she can turn her love for boba into a job. Other drinkers also revealed that the service helps them maintain boba obsession while training themselves in writing food reviews.

One of the offers available on Taobao.

Credit: Sin Chew

“I charge RMB2 (US$0.30) for drinks with high sugar levels and extra RMB3 (US$0.45) if the drink is more than 550ml,” told the woman to Apple Daily.”

Do you think the service will make you ‘taste’ the boba without trying it?

Credit: Says


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