To honor their promise, girl got engaged to dead boyfriend even though he is no longer around


A Thai woman, Chun, was going to get engaged to her boyfriend, Long, but it did not go as planned when he fell from the motorcycle one day on his way to fetch her.

The couple planned for their engagement ceremony to take place on 31st December 2016 but Long died in a fatal accident just two months before, in October 2016.

The 25-year-old Long who was a policeman. He failed to be saved even though he was rushed to the hospital almost immediately due to severe injuries and organ damage.

Long died in the hospital the next day.

Torn apart and devastated by the accident, Chun insisted on carrying out the engagement ceremony as planned despite the loss of her beloved boyfriend to honor the promise they made together.

They were a loving couple.

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On the day of the supposed engagement, Chun woke up very early and prepare for the ceremony. She calmly put on makeup on her face and dressed up prettily for the engagement that her boyfriend can no longer attend. Just like any other engagement ceremonies, Chun also invited a priest to host the ceremony.

Even without her boyfriend, Chun wanted to proceed on the engagement to honor their promise together.

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During the engagement, Chun uttered a few sentences that made us cry.

“On December 31, our engagement is done. We used to think that on this day, we would follow Thai tradition, dressed up in traditional outfit, kneel in front of our parents as gratitude for bringing us up,” murmured Chun.

“You are now in another dimension, but it doesn’t matter. My love for you goes beyond that. Whether you’re here or the afterlife, I would still marry you. I love you forever and will never give up on you. We still have a long way to go, do you hear me?”

Chun was seen holding her tears during the engagement.

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“Today is the most important date of our lives. Rich or poor, sweet or bitter, I would hold your hands and complete this journey together,” said Chun ending her speech.

This is definitely what true love looks like.

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