Diligently saving money for 2 years, man finally gets to buy motorcycle that he has always wanted


Some people take only a few days or maybe just a few minutes to decide on things they wanted to buy, but this one man from Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines is impressively patient—he waited for two years.

Instead of opting for installment or buying on credit, Rodrigo M. Cosio decided to save up to buy the motorcycle that he really wanted.

He didn’t wait just for a month or two, but optimistically saved money for two years.

Proves that work hard will get you what you want, Cosio went viral after he went to a motorcycle dealer and bought a brand new unit with the coins of Php 10 ($0.19) that he saved for two years!

The moment he brought all the coins he saved to the motorcycle dealership to get his brand new ride.

That’s a lot of coins.

Cosio’s story spread all over the internet when the person working at the motorcycle dealership in Iloilo, Angel Gel Azarb shared about it on social media. Impressed by how persistent Cosio is saving up for what he wanted, she decided to share the amazing story to the world.

And there’s so much more!

The staff probably going to have some trouble counting all that!

Looking at all the photos, the staff at the motorcycle dealership seemed to have a bit of a hard time counting that much amount of coins at once. Most probably inspired by Cosio’s patience and discipline, the staff seemed like they had fun while counting as well.

The brand new motorcycle looks good and ready to roll!

Now he got a new ride with zero debt!

Credit: Elite Readers


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