“Leave us alone” Photographer stunned the world with photos of an isolated tribe in the Amazon rainforest


One day, thunderstorms forced photographer Ricardo Stuckert in Brazil to take on a different route with his helicopter. This unfamiliar route has brought him into the discovery of an amazing and completely undisclosed tribe in the Amazon tropical rainforest.

The images of the tribe have been taken in the Brazilian Acre reserve area near the Peruvian border. This region has been known for its strict policy practice when it comes to protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants.

The tribe was found in the forest of Acre, Brazil, near the Peru border.

One of the men from the tribe dresses primitively. You can also find a beautiful colorful parrot near their hut. 

Credit: National Geographic

In the series of photos captured, the primitive tribe was seen with somewhat tattoos and weapons in their hands. Probably felt threatened by the sudden visit from the air, one of the men from the tribe threw a spear towards the helicopter.

The man getting ready with his weapons.

Credit: National Geographic

Another bunch from the tribe with weapons on their hands.

Credit: National Geographic

Believed by the experts to be the same tribe that gained global attention back in 2008, the indigenous tribes were always on the lookout to guard their territory.

Credit: National Geographic

The tribe was also believed to keep on moving from one place to another within a period of four years or more.

They were curious about the sudden visit and kept a distance.

The tribe refused to establish a friendly relationship with the outside world. Hence, the name of these isolated tribes remained unknown. So Brazilian authorities just refer to them as the “isolated Indians of the upper Humaitá”.

Visitors are not welcomed.

Credit: National Geographic

“Just leave us alone and never come back.”

Credit: National Geographic

Who would’ve thought that tribes living in isolation still exist in the 21st century?

Credit: National Geographic


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