Body language—here are 5 sitting styles and what they say about your personality


Body language is the unspoken element of communication that we use to reveal feelings and emotions. They include a person’s gestures, facial expressions and posture. 

Understanding body language is helpful when you want to comprehend how a person is really feeling in addition to what they are verbally saying. We can also apply this understanding to ourselves to appear more positive, engaging and approachable.

Here are 5 sitting postures and what they say about the kind of person you are:

Position A

The majority of people who adopt this kind of sitting posture are more restrained, less sure of themselves and they tend to follow popular opinion. They are more naive and simple but will not hesitate to show people kindness. They have vivid imaginations and they see the world from their own unique perspective.

These people are more passive when it comes to relationships as they find it difficult to express their feelings. They love being taken care of and often devote themselves to their partners. They can be extremely self-conscious at times but if they are around the right people they become more open.

Position B 

People who prefer sitting this way are often very careful when it comes to opening up to others. They have a very strong sense of self-protection and although they are confident as well as self-assured, it is difficult for them to place their trust in others.

Due to their defensive nature, these people find it challenging to fully devote themselves to another individual in a relationship. They are not tempted by worldly vices and have a strong sense of self-discipline. They will not hesitate to cut others loose if they feel they are being taken advantage of.

Position C

People who usually sits this way have a carefree and easygoing attitude. They are outgoing and lively as well as have a nonchalant temperament. They try to avoid conflict at any cost and get along well with their family and friends.

Because of their extroverted personality, they have no trouble in expressing themselves in social situations and in relationships. Their happy-go-lucky personality lets them get along with almost anyone. With this being said, they can be oblivious to other people’s feelings and may act inappropriately at times.

Position D

People who sit like this are often very serious and straightforward. They are incredibly honest with others and speak what is on their minds without taking into account how their words may affect others.

They put high expectations on their partner and this can sometimes be daunting to their other half. Their straightforwardness can hurt people’s feelings but they think it is better for people to hear the bitter truth rather than a sweet lie.

Position E

Those who sit in this position often have a strong sense of self and put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. They are the perfectionist and live by the motto “do it perfectly or do it again.” They are great observers who are apt in reading the way other people act around them.

Since they put such high expectations on themselves, they also expect their significant others to be just as ambitious and accomplished. They remain rational throughout their relationships and will rarely be taken in by good looks and charming words.

Do the results match with your sitting style? Let us know in the comments section.


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