Coming from a broken family, student worked at McDonald’s to support herself, graduates as Magna Cum Laude


Having to juggle between school in the morning and her work at night as a service crew at McDonald’s, this 20-year-old Cherry Mae Toledo managed to successfully complete her study despite financial struggles.

Born to a poor and broken family, Toledo’s father had to serve time in jail and her mother has a new family. Eventually, Toledo and her brother were left with their paternal grandmother who’s taking care of them now.

Toledo needs to find a way to support herself.

To support herself, Toledo impressively graduated Magna Cum Laude from her course of Bachelor of Science on Psychology at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City. She shared a photo of herself wearing McDonald’s uniform and talked about her hardships and triumphs she experienced during her life.

Toledo in her McDonald’s uniform.

“Uniforms signify the different roles we play in our community. Sometimes we wear our school uniforms, occasionally our intern attires, and in the future our professional suits. Apparently, in this post, I am wearing my service crew uniform. This is the role I want to show. It’s what I am proud of. This brought more meaning to what I am now and what I have achieved.”

It was never easy, but she found her way.

Their aunt help supported Toledo and her brother for quite a while before Toledo started supporting herself as a McDonald’s service crew and by applying for a scholarship so she could enroll in college.

“Coming from a broken family, I had to be resilient and find means to continue studying. Of course, it was never easy. There are times when I really have to ask my friends to lend me some money. I attend my classes with less to no sleep.”

Those sleepless nights are worth it!

Last but not least, Toledo ends the post with words of encouragement for all out there juggling life.

“To all working scholars, part-timers and organization officers who are juggling their time for studies and extracurriculars, you can! In no doubt, do it!”

“You can be whatever and whoever you want to be as long as you put your mind and heart to it.”

Such an inspiring beauty!

Credit: Buhay Teacher |



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