Son and wife transforms recreation basement into mini home surprise for elderly parents so that they can live together


When our parents are in their golden age, they tend to lose good eyesight, clear hearing and most of all, they can’t move their body the way they wanted anymore. And Schon Miller understands this too well because both of his parents, George and Bonnie are now 87 years old.

The elderly couple used to live independently, but they can no longer keep the same lifestyle as they age. As his father was becoming more forgetful and his mother once had a fall and broke her shoulder, Miller started to look for a house with finished mother-in-law suite.

These suites are usually attached to or located on the same lot as the grown child’s house, so that aging family members can remain close to their loved ones. However, Miller was unable to a suitable one for his parents.

This is when Miller and his wife Jeannie came up with a brilliant plan to build it by themselves in their current house—just for his parents.

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Miller had a surprise plan for his parents.

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They started by blowing a hole in the basement of their house and got rid of all their recreational items including a pool table and even their karaoke area. 

Making room for in law suite. Must go in a week. Message me for pickup arrangements Pool table/roulette/poker/blackjack…

Posted by Schon Jeannie Miller on Sunday, November 11, 2018

On March 13, the sweet couple surprised their parents, George and Bonnie with their new mini home in their Bremen, Ohio house.

Looking inside, Miller’s mother was shocked and kept praising on how pretty the house was.

Credit: YouTube/Caters Clips

The house was well-furnished and decorated,

Credit: YouTube/Caters Clips

and thoughtfully designed!

Credit: YouTube/Caters Clips

We had been talking about it with mum for a while because we knew they were leaning on each other with one good body and one good mind. One can’t live alone without the other and we didn’t want either one to end up in a nursing home,” said Miller.

They didn’t forget to install extra bars for safety.

Credit: YouTube/Caters Clips

Miller’s mother can’t help to break into tears after the surprise.

Credit: YouTube/Caters Clips

The couple even added customization in the home to ensure the safety of their elderly parents. They installed bars on either side of the toilet so George and Bonnie have something to hold on and rubber mat on the floor so they don’t slip.

Watch the emotional moment here:

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