‘Who gets the coffee first’ brain teaser: You might guess wrongly if you don’t look closely


Brain teasers are always fun to solve, but also the most deceiving. This little riddle right here is exactly one of that kind. This riddle can potentially reveal your impulsiveness, depends on how perceptive you are.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a popular brain teaser and you might have even seen it somewhere before. With a lot of people rushing to solve this seemingly simple brain teaser, who can get it right?

With some water pipes and black coffee, the question is, “Who gets the coffee first?”

Could it be all of them?

Credit: Twitter

This particular answer received more than 500 likes—which means a lot of people agree with 4…9…7….5.

If you think that’s the answer too, you might want to take a deep breath, calm down and take another look.

Credit: Twitter

There are some who answered differently too, which add to the fun.

Credit: Twitter

If you say so…

Credit: Twitter

Well, these answers got some valid points we wouldn’t want to ignore.

Credit: Twitter

Did you try to solve it yourself? Well, the answer is quite simple but needs a little bit of observation there.

If you pay closer attention, you will see that pipes 4, 9 and 7 are actually closed. You might easily notice that pipe 7 is blocked and the same goes to pipe 4. Then the cup 9 seemed like it will get the coffee first because of the short distance between coffee and the cup, but later you will realize that the end of pipe 9 is closed to.

So the answer is only cup 5 will get filled with coffee!

Did you guess it right? You can now go ahead and enjoy your cuppa!

Credit: The Epoch Times


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