Woman shares her simple 3-step hack on how to make homemade pepper spray


Although you can buy bottles of pepper spray in stores, this Facebook user decided to make her own homemade version which requires only 3 things!

Pepper spray has the ability to incapacitate a person by causing severe pain and irritation when the mixture comes into contact with the eyes and nose.

It is perfect for self-defense as the damage is very seldom long-lasting, giving you time to get away from a dangerous situation.

Photo illustration (Credit: Public Domain Files)

The Facebook user named Marry Ferjel Babasa, shows us how to make a mixture using household ingredients and a spray bottle.

She captioned her post saying “Girls!!! Since there are many bad guys out there now, I’ll share my lifesaver hack.” Marry describes her homemade pepper spray as “easy, affordable and hassle-free” as you only need three things to make it.

All you will need are several spicy chili’s, water and a spray bottle to put the mixture in.  

The process in preparing the mixture is also incredibly simple as you would only have to chop the chilis into small pieces, put them into the spray bottle and add water.  

All you have to do then is to shake the mixture vigorously and voila, you have your very own homemade pepper spray that works like a charm.

Mary commented, “Get a plastic or piece of paper, spray it on there, then sniff it. You can smell how strong the aroma is.”

Hundreds of men and women shared Marry’s post. Though she hasn’t used her concoction on anyone yet, she says it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Credit: SAYSFacebook/Marry Ferjel Babasa


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