74yo grandpa sends touching birthday wishes to granddaughter— by seeking assistance in a phone shop


When the love is unconditional, you will go out of your way to express it to your dearest ones.

We younger generation often feel the lack of communication with our elders mainly because of the presence (and absence) of technology in both generations respectively. This Malaysian grandpa just proved it wrong.

Beware, this short text might just make you melt once you discover how grandpa sent it out.

In a recent incident tweeted by a sweet granddaughter, Jamie Yeoh, she apparently received a WhatsApp message from her 74-year-old ‘Ah Khong’ (Cantonese for grandfather) wishing her on her birthday.

The message bore an image of a white paper with words handwritten as below:




Nothing unusual, right? Except that according to Jamie, her grandfather is not familiar with technology and does not know how to use WhatsApp.

So, to send her a message on her 21st birthday, he went the extra mile to ask help from the place he thought might know best, the handphone shop. He didn’t seem to mind it after all, as long as he could wish his darling granddaughter.

Birthday girl sure received the best gift from her Ah Khong.

His previous text message to her was also a birthday wish, which we assume he must have had some assistance with as well!

Netizens went ‘Awwwww’ at this sweet gesture and some even observed to point out his display picture – a very adorable Peppa Pig. Double ‘awwwww’.

Credit: Twitter/@JamieYeoh

Cute grandpa has a cute display picture.

Credit: Twitter/@JamieYeoh

Jamie replied in her tweet thread that the display picture was picked out by her 6-year-old cousin and her grandpa couldn’t be bothered to change it, probably because he didn’t know how to! Seriously, how much more precious can this get?

This sweet story reminds us that if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way.

Ah Khong just won his granddaughter’s heart, and ours too!

Credit: World of Buzz


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