Dog owner describes heartbreaking reason his dog stares at him every night—he quickly react!

Left image illustration credits: Maaskant

Let’s admit it: dogs are dorky creatures. They have all kinds of quirky antics up their paws ready to be unleashed when they are left off guard. While most of it are heart-tickling, some can give you quite the creeps.

An adopted Golden Retriever in China recently stared its way into the spotlight when the owner took it to the internet and shared his odd encounter with his furry companion.

Looks like somebody’s keeping an eye on you.

Credit: Sinchew

This cute canine became a sweetheart to the family as soon as he got adopted from an animal shelter. He was fun, loving and obedient but when day turns to night, he does this one unusual thing.

He stands on the fence of his owner’s bedroom and stares at him…until he falls asleep.

Credit: Sinchew

Spooked out by this behavior, the owner tried a few tricks to figure out what’s going on. He even tried playing with him during the day presuming he’ll eventually run out of energy by night and will fall asleep soundly. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Results from the vet came out clean too, and the owner figured this was beyond a physical problem for the dog. He finally went back to the animal shelter to see if he can find any answers there.

The dog was previously owned by a married couple, whom, one night, sneaked the sleeping dog out of the house and dropped it off at the animal shelter knowing they can’t afford to take care of him anymore. Why? Because they were expecting a child.

You know what they say; let sleeping dogs lie, which the owners did literally in this situation.

Image for illustration purposes (Credit: Pixabay)

Waking up at a completely unfamiliar place with its owners nowhere in sight left the dog in a forever trauma. Poor thing must have awaited them for a long, long time. When the current family adopted him, he was sure not to let history repeat this time around hence explaining his midnight mischief.

Upon learning this, the owner broke down in tears and returned home. He removed the fence that separated the dog from the bedroom and moved the dog’s bed into his bedroom. He felt that doing so will give the dog a sense of reassurance of how much he loves him.

Happy dog equals happy family 🙂

Image for illustration purposes (Credit: Pexels)

Pets have feelings too. Unless you are 100% certain you can take care of it, don’t adopt one. To you, they may be just a part of your life. To them, you are their entire world.


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