Loving single father modifies an old bus into a fancy living space for him and his daughter


Nothing can beat a parent’s love for his or her children and they’ll do everything just to make sure the little ones got the best of the best. This 42-year-old man from Brighton, UK is no exception.

Adam Collier is an adventurous father to his teenage daughter Devan. They both share the passion of riding the waves that crash against the country’s beaches and a caravan would be perfect for that lifestyle.

But he got himself an old bus instead.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

This is how it looks from the inside.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

As a carpenter, Collier doesn’t have much patience to let things happen on their own because he is clearly capable of building it himself. As a DIY-er, Collier had everything planned in mind when he passed a double-decker bus on his drive home.

Unconvinced that he needs to spend an excessive amount of money to get his dream living space, Collier sets himself a budget. Determined to prove that you don’t have to be rich to live in luxury, Collier allowed himself an initial amount of £10,000 (equals to US$ 13,039.51) to acquire the bus and do a complete overhaul.

Just after he took everything out to work in it.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

And change it into this!

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

First thing first, he had to weld the floor, rip out the benches, take out everything and stuff the space with the sheet insulation from the 42-seat bus. Collier knows that it going to be a long road ahead but he wants to do it right and make use of all his abilities.

“I’m a tradesman as well, so I knew how to do everything, and there was no point in asking anyone else to help. Also, it was my project. I couldn’t expect others to share my level of enthusiasm,” said Collier.

That looks extremely cozy and comfortable with natural lighting.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

It got some serious kitchen too.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

There were a lot of challenges in finding the best materials at an affordable price, but he kept on hammering those details until the amazing transformation is complete. From an old bus, Collier turns it into a fancy and luxuriant RV living space he always dreamed of having.

The bus got a beautiful sitting area where they can eat their meals or maybe just hanging out, some serious kitchen and cooking space, a resting nook, and three beds that 6 people can sleep in!

The sink looks amazing!

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

This resting nook is to die for.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

“The most expensive part of the kitchen was the worktop. The whole kitchen cost peanuts, really.”

After six long months of hard work, frustration, and excitement, Collier finally finished his masterpiece. His perfect beach time home is ready to hit the waves whenever he and Devon are!

You can see a small door that leads to somewhere.

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

Yes, the comfortable bunk bed!

Credit: YouTube/Justin Bozeman

Looks better than my house!

Credit: Shareably


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