Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s stunning model girlfriend, Camila Morrone! She’s the same age as his epic movie Titanic


When it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s almost impossible not to talk about his love for nature and …supermodels. He has always been linked to supermodels and his new lady is no exception.

Known for dating one of the highest paid supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Israelian supermodel Bar Refaeli, and gorgeous actress Blake Lively in the past, DiCaprio’s current sweetheart is Camila Morrone.

Another stunning model you can’t miss out.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone

The fact that he never dates women over 25 years old, it’s no surprise that Morrone is just 21 and turning 22 very soon—just the same age as DiCaprio’s epic romance movie released in 1997, Titanic.

Credit: IMDB

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Morrone is making headlines for being in relationship with the 44-year-old DiCaprio.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone

Age is clearly just a number as DiCaprio recently took his model and actress girlfriend to Thailand for a sweet escape. As it’s been one year of their relationship, the couple also went to the location that got famous from DiCaprio’s movie, The Beach.

The couple went to Thailand for a holiday.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone

They also went to the famous location where The Beach was filmed.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone

Not shy with PDA, the couple was also spotted on a cuddly stroll in LA just nearly two months after their trip in Thailand.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone

Looking all dazzling, Morrone’s beauty-and-health routine was actually quite low-maintenance and relatable to most of us. 

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone 

Her routine includes washing your face, keeping it hydrated, and moisturizing every night. One most important thing is don’t forget to wear eye cream every night.

“I don’t go to sleep without doing a special cream around my eyes because that’s the most sensitive part of your face. And I’m really simple about brands. For face wash, I use anything drugstore, from Neutrogena to Clarins. I can really wash my face with anything.”

Basically, Morrone just seems like a genuinely fun, simple and refreshing beautiful person.

Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone 

Credit: W Magazine | Pop Sugar


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