Daughter died from toothpaste allergy, mom regrets and warns public to be extra careful


After her 11-year-old daughter suddenly died of allergies from totally unexpected material, this mother warned the public to be more careful and pay extra attention when it comes to their children’s allergies.

Monique Altamirano from California was interviewed by Allergic Living after her daughter Denise Saldate died after using the toothpaste. Saldate was diagnosed with milk allergy when she was at the age of 1.

After the diagnosis, Saldate’s family was very careful to make sure everything she had is safe for her.

Credit: Allergic Living

On 4 April, Altamirano brought her daughter for an appointment with the dentist. There, Saldate was advised to use some kind of toothpaste named MI Paster One to help strengthen her tooth enamel.

Never come across toothpaste with milk as one of the ingredients, Altamirano let her guard down—she didn’t check the toothpaste ingredients before allowing Saldate to use it.

Apparently, the toothpaste contains an ingredient called Recaldent as well as milk protein.

Image illustration of toothpaste. (Credit: Wikimedia)

“Denise said that she thought she might be allergic to toothpaste because her lips were turning blue. I took her and placed her on my bed. I rushed to the living room and called 911 and told them about my daughter,” recalled Altamirano.

Altamirano did a CPR to her daughter before the paramedic arrived. Saldate was later transferred into the ambulance but died before they arrived at the hospital.

After this tragedy, Altamirano warned every parent to always be cautious and never be ashamed to read the label.

Credit: Allergic Living

“Read everything. Don’t feel comfortable even if you’ve done it for years. Never be uncomfortable or ashamed or afraid to ask and make sure every ingredient is safe. Be extremely meticulous for the safety of your child,” said Altamirano.

Always make sure to check everything related to your allergies to avoid any unfortunate events.


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