Inspiring mother of 3 wins scholarship and achieves her dream to be a teacher


It’s amazing how our hopes and dreams can keep us going in life. Ivy Melody Santos Generoso has always dreamed of becoming a teacher, but she understands how her parents could not afford to send her to college just yet.

So after she graduated from high school, Generoso worked as an all-around food stall (carinderia) server. She washed the dishes, served food to customers and cleaned up the place—but her dream to be a teacher never fades.

When a grandma sent her to college, Generoso studied hard and completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Education through a ladderized program.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

But this is not enough for her to find a good-paying job. So, she worked as a service crew at a fast food chain and took several other odd jobs.

She also became a food vendor in order to support her family.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

That went on for quite a while and Generoso is married with three children. As her husband didn’t have a stable job, their family struggle with daily lives.

As a teacher’s salary would give them a better life, she deliberates about becoming a teacher once again.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

But going to school with her three kids still very young is not easy and finding funds for her tuition fee would be even harder. At that time, Generoso learned that University of Caloocan City (UCC) offers a scholarship for those who pass the test—she decided to try after consulting her husband.

While juggling time between family and studies, Generoso managed to get good grades,

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

But finding money to pay for her studies is still a huge challenge for the couple.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

Generoso was given the chance to apply for the scholarship but it turned out to be a contest.

She had to write plenty of essays and the prize was a huge sum of money.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

Despite all the challenges, her name was announced as the Regional Finalist of Soroptomist International Phils—winning the scholarship. Thanks to that, Generoso was able to continue her studies and got one step closer to her dream of becoming a teacher.

She went through a lot of difficulties.

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

Had to deal with people who are constantly laughing behind her back, Generoso finally proving them wrong by successfully graduated from her course of Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood Education.

She graduated as Cum Laude!

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

Not only that, she also received many awards throughout her studies. As she graduates college, the aspiring teacher recalls her difficult journey and proud to share the story with the world.

She will finally be living her dream of becoming a teacher!

Credit: Facebook / Ivy B. Santos

She’s such an inspiration!

Credit: Buhay Teacher


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