Man had a flat tire while out looking for job, never expected to receive job offers after his story went viral


A father of eight, Mohd Shahrul Abd Rahim from Malaysia was having a rough day after he had a flat tire while out looking for a job riding on his motorcycle.

Accompanied by his 6-year-old son, the incident happened when Shahrul was on his journey to Penang state. The distance is around 164 miles from his place in Bagan Datuk, Perak. He got a flat tire before he reached his destination, leaving him with no choice other than pushing his motorcycle for more than 6 miles.

Shahrul had a flat tire while he was out looking for a job.

Credit: Facebook / Penang Kini

When Shahrul thought that he might have fallen out of luck to find one, little did he know that the incident opened more job opportunities for him.

Credit: Facebook / Penang Kini

“It’s not easy for us. So I tried to look for a job in Penang riding my motorcycle. Unfortunately, I got a punctured tire while on the bridge and there’s even an accident in front of me,” recalled Shahrul of the moment.

“But suddenly came this angel in disguise approaching me and asking about my condition. I hate to be a burden and always prefer to do everything on my own. But this person called Syed looked like he really wanted to help.”

To make sure Shahrul safely arrived at the motorcycle workshop, Syed followed from behind him.

Credit: Facebook / Penang Kini

He also asked for Shahrul’s permission to share his story on social media. Thanks to the power of social media, a lot of employers contacted Shahrul to offer him a job!

Some even offered him a job as a bus driver. 

Credit: Facebook / Penang Kini

Shahrul was nonetheless extremely touched with all the help given to him and had never expected to receive that kind of kindness.

We wish him good luck in his future endeavors and may he find the best job very soon!


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