Refurbished bus-classroom provides education to disadvantaged kids and adults in San Francisco


An innovative new project which provides education-on-wheels is giving hope to thousands of disadvantaged kids and adults. 

More than 5,000 kids and adults are now receiving education via a refurbished bus equipped with the necessary equipment, supplies, resources and facilities. It’s inspiring and changing lives! 

Credit: YouTube/ Designing Justice Designing Spaces

The Five Keys Charter School launched the genius Self-Determination Project bus back in 2017, for those who aren’t always able to travel to a school campus consistently.

Credit: YouTube/ Designing Justice Designing Spaces

It makes its way through some of San Francisco’s poorest housing areas and neighborhoods to provide higher education to its residents.

The genius vehicle has internet access, Chromebooks, desks, a teacher and even a library!

Credit: YouTube/ Designing Justice Designing Spaces

Best of all, anyone can sign up for the education program free of charge!

Many of those enrolled fear crossing into gang territories, so the mobile classroom comes right to them! 

Many others enrolled are students or single parents who can’t access transportation to attend school.

Credit: YouTube/ Designing Justice Designing Spaces

Five Keys student Emerald Montes, 17, was prevented from accessing education as she grew up surrounded by gang violence. She’s really thankful for everything the project has done for her and her future.

“When I was 14 and 15, I couldn’t go to school. I was just doing so much bad stuff, it prevented me from going to school. At Five Keys, the difference is they are more flexible.

“I’m a busy young woman now. I have a job and an internship,” she said.

Former graduate Rena Ortiz is one of the many who has benefited from the life-changing bus on wheels.

Credit: YouTube/ Designing Justice Designing Spaces

“I feel as if this bus is going to change so much. Being able to walk out of my house and see a bus that’s full of education—that is hope on wheels.”

Find out more about the project by watching the video here. 

Credit: Good News Network


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