This simple ginger drink can help to improve fertility and even lose extra weight too!


We all know that taking ginger is good for health, but what other benefits of this perennial root that many do not know of? In Chinese medicine, women with difficulty to conceive are often associated with a condition known as cold uterus or cold womb.

One woman shared that drinking homemade ginger drinks not only help with her cold uterus but she actually lost 8 pounds too!

Her chin is now more defined and she has a healthier and ruddy complexion too.

Among signs of a woman having a cold uterus are:

  1. Abdominal obesity — when the womb is cold, abdominal fat begins to accumulate in large amounts to provide heat to the womb.
  2. Pale tongue and noticeable teeth dent on the tongue—it can also lead to face aging and spots if the womb’s condition is not getting better.
  3. Greasy hair—even after being washed and shampooed
  4. Irregular menstruation, blood clots, and abnormal abdominal pain during menstruation.

By drinking a simple homemade ginger drink, it can help to overcome this condition. You basically just need ginger as the main ingredient.

Credit: Pixabay

Things you need:

  1. Ginger
  2. Water
  3. Small Pot
  4. Sieve


1. Peel the ginger and chop into small pieces. The more ginger you use, the better. 

2. Put the raw ginger into a small pot and add water.

3. Bring the water to boil first and then turn to lower heat to boil for another 10 minutes, let the ginger flavor deepens.

4. Turn off the heat and discard the ginger using the sieve—leave the cooked ginger water to cool.

5. Fill them in a bottle or container to store.

There you have it, the homemade ginger drink!

You can pour some ginger water into a bowl, add boiling water to warm it, and drink on an empty stomach every morning. If you don’t really like the taste of ginger, you can dilute by adding more water before drinking.

Definitely this is one drink to recommend to any women!


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