Which side do you see first? Find out what your temper is based on your answer


How you see the world can give meaningful insights to who you are as a person, your personality traits and how you approach life in general. 

Here is a psychological test that may help you to understand your temper as well as the kind of person you are. You may be surprised by the results.

All you have to do is look at the picture below and note which side you see first— (A) the front face, (B) the side of the face or (C) both?

If your answer is (A) The man’s face looking forward

If you perceive a man’s face and he’s facing forward, you may be a mild-tempered person. Most of the time you have your feelings under control as you don’t get angry over little things. You will only act up if someone close to you has picked on your last nerve and even then you would find a way to solve the problem amicably.

You realize that acting out in anger never bodes well for either party and prefer to calm down before pursuing any issue. You are very straightforward and tend to never keep grudges. You like to be in control of your feelings and the people around you admire you for that.

If your answer is (B) The man’s face looking to the side

In general, your temper isn’t the worst and can be managed but you will need to develop self-control. You have a tendency to give in to your feelings and sometimes you can act erratically. You are easily triggered and can sometimes say things in the heat of the moment that you don’t really mean. This will almost always lead you to do some damage control after an argument.

It is true that you get angry fairly easily but that is because you are incredibly passionate about people and things you are interested in. Nevertheless, it would be good to train yourself and keep your temper in check.

If your answer is (C) – Saw both the man facing forward and to the side.

You are someone who is open-minded and easy-going. You are not concerned with what goes on around you. You are infamous for going where the wind takes you as you follow the flow.

Your temper is nearly nonexistent as you feel there is no need to lash out for anything that does not go your way. You simply forgive and forget in an instant. You have your own set of principles and if anyone has a personal vendetta against you, you will try to have a sensible conversation with them first and not linger on the past for long.

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