Onion goes under the knife for easy-to-understand demonstration of C-section—respect to all mothers who went through the real thing


The internet went gaga a couple of months ago over the surgery done on a grape. It was to demonstrate the microscopic precision of a state of the art surgery mechanism. Adding to the list now is an onion.

First, it was a fruit. Now, a vegetable.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Unsplash)

Yes! You read that right. A one-minute YouTube video went viral after the content showcased a peeled onion being put under the knife.

Childbearing is intense. The pain, the blood, the screams, all of it. Be it natural birth or cesarean (c-section), there is a thing or two we ought to learn about.  Some prior knowledge on how it is done can help expectant mothers and people, in general, to prepare for what’s to come.

Childbirth is both beautiful and intimidating.

Image for illustration purposes only. (Credit: Unsplash)

However, watching the actual process can be quite gory for most of us. The video educates us on how c-section is conducted from beginning to end, minus the horror.

Using an onion in replacement for a pregnant woman does two things:

  1. Makes the entire process easy to explain and easy to understand
  2. Saves you from the potential trauma of watching a real-time labor

The video begins with the surface of the onion being sterilized using alcohol.

Credit: YouTube

Then, the first layer of the onion is scored open using a surgery knife.

Credit: YouTube

The same procedure is administered on each layer until the ‘baby’ (core of the onion) is visible. 

Credit: YouTube

The ‘baby’ is coming out!

Credit: YouTube

Watch this video of an onion undergoing surgery.

The umbilical cord is cut and cleaned.

Credit: YouTube

Following that, the ‘baby’ is wrapped in a towel.

Credit: YouTube

The mother’s surgery wound is then stitched and cleaned as well to prevent bacterial infections.

Credit: YouTube

As mentioned by the doctor, the mother’s belly is cut 9 centimeters across and 8 layers-deep to facilitate the baby’s safe removal from the mother’s womb. A shoutout to all mothers out there for going through the painful process!

Congratulations! You have now learned the ins-and-outs of cesarean. That was a breeze, wasn’t it?


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