Choose your Infinity stone to tell what type of person you are


Have you watched Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame? Well if you have, you must be familiar with the Infinity stones that appear in the movie. There are six stones; reality, soul, space, time, mind and power. If you could pick one of it and turn it into a superpower, which one would be your choice?

Now take a look at these six stones. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and choose one. Have you made your choice? Good. Let’s see what each one of these stones tell about you.

Stone #1: Opalite

All you crave for is a sense of freedom in a life that’s always on-the-go.

You want to detach yourself from the fast-paced lifestyle and go to a place where you can seek mind peace and elevate your spirituality.

Stone #2: Malachite

It reveals of the major life transformations you’re about to encounter.

The changes will occur naturally, which includes your love life. This is the right time for you to consider your life choices because they are going to impact you in great depths.

Stone #3: Sun stone

If this was your stone of choice, chances are you’re an optimistic person from the beginning till the end.

Your future is brighter than the sun, only if you’re well ahead on the right path forward. Don’t lose your shine!

Stone #4: Mahogany obsidian

Do you know why this stone attracted you?

It’s because you subconsciously want to get out of old habits and routine and replace them with new ones. Be mindful that you’re fortunate. Be grateful with what you have. Don’t allow envy to get the better of your judgement.

Stone #5: Howlite

This cerulean gem got your attention because it wants to deliver you a message from the ‘other side’.

Messages from those who have left and your loved ones. Remember to note down in your journal or diary if you dream of them. It’s good to be careful of the vision/feelings you experience related to those who have departed.

Stone #6: Dalmatian jasper

If you like this stone, you are sure to be the life of the party.

You love to have a good time and always try new ways to add fun into your life. An adventure seeker. Meeting new people excites you because it’s a valuable experience on its own. Happiness to you is having enjoyed a day till its full capacity.

Did your choice of stone hit the spot in describing you? Share this with your friends and find out.


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