“I can’t stop my tears” Photographer fulfilled a mom’s final wish and left us all crying


A Malaysian mother, Adlean Nael’da, requested photographer Zara Haleena from Camora Arts for a family photo shoot, not knowing that she might not have the chance to capture their family portrait anymore.

Adlean died right after giving birth to her youngest child and the family didn’t get to take pictures together. However, Zara wished to fulfill the late Adlean final wish and proceeded with the photo shoot 5 months after.

Zara’s Facebook post is no longer available after it went viral, but her words remain.


“It’s almost 6 months after the late Adlean left us forever. We finally had the chance to do the photo shoot with her youngest child Eva Miranda. We went to her house, warmly welcomed by all her children,” wrote Zara.

“They’re all excited now but it’s heartbreaking to think of how they would feel one day when they understand that their mother will never come back.”


Such a beautiful family.


“Every time before the photo shoot, we’ll be excited to look at the newborn, but this time it’s different. Late Adlean’s smile flashed upon our eyes. We’re pretending busy to set up our camera and equipment, but the truth is we’re all crying. I can’t stop my tears.”

“I don’t think I’m strong enough to take a look at the newborn Eva.”


Zara took photos and edited them as if Adlean is still together with them.


“I was crying while preparing baby Eva but quickly wipe my tears. I saw late Adlean’s husband walking down the stairs. He looked calm, smiling, but we’ll never know what’s inside. 6 months after she left us, we finally get to fulfill her final wish. We created a family photo.”

“We put together late Adlean with her newborn that she never got the chance to see.”


Zara’s photos are amazing. But it looks beautiful and sad at the same time. May Adlean rest in peace.

Credit: Oriental Daily


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