Learn simple trick to save yourself from choking when there’s no one else around to help


We’re lucky if there’s someone nearby who can perform the Heimlich maneuver first-aid procedure when we’re choking, but what if we’re all alone? 

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Colorado firefighter paramedic, Jeff Rehman has been a basic life-support instructor and CPR instructor for the last 22 years. Inspired from his time as a boxer back in the 80s, he came out with a technique to save ourselves from choking.

Rehman has spent many years teaching people life-saving skills.

Credit: Facebook / Jeff Rehman

“I’ve noted over those years that there are no real effective means for somebody to rescue themselves should they be choking and nobody is there to help them. So we came up with something that actually works pretty well,” said Rehman.

“It was actually something my coach taught me in order to toughen up my abdominal muscles. I figured there’s a better use for it, so I applied it to my years as a paramedic.”

Here, Rehman demonstrates a few easy steps to save us from the choking situation.


1. Get down on your knees and hands down as if you are about to do push-ups. Rehman explains that there is no need to clench fist as shown below because it’s his habit from his boxing days.

Credit: YouTube/cobramedic1

2. Prepare to extend both arms forward at the same time. The point is to lift both arms upward above the head so that you’ll land on the chest and belly.

Credit: YouTube/cobramedic1

3. The impact onto the floor acts similar to the thrust to the diaphragm for the Heimlich maneuver.

Credit: YouTube/cobramedic1

This technique is for everyone, be it children, adults, and the elderly. So, take some time to remember this technique and use it if you ever find yourself choking when there’s nobody around.

Watch the video to understand it better:

That seems quite easy to be done, but it can save your life!

Credit: The Epoch Times


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