Heartbroken elephant broke from its enclosure to pay last respects to deceased owner


It was a heartbreaking moment when the elephant found out that its owner for  ten years had left him for good.

The footage which was reported to be taken in Thailand sees an elephant mourning its late owner in a funeral.

According to a foreign media report, the 84-year-old owner was hit by a fast-moving car by the roadside and did not survive the accident.

No one expected that the elephant would break through its enclosure and found its way to pay last respects to the owner.

The owner’s son was worried that the animal might rage out of control when the elephant was seen entering the hall where the coffin was placed.

The owner’s son quickly jumped onto the elephant’s back in an attempt to calm it down.

However, the elephant was reported to lay and ‘bowed’ in front of the owner’s coffin silently.

Friends and relatives who were present at that time can feel the sadness and saw tears in the elephant’s eyes.

After a while, the elephant backed out slowly and left the hall.

The owner’s son said that he would continue to take care of the elephant just like how his father did when he was alive.

According to seaworld.org, the social behaviour of elephants is observed and extended to mourning behaviour for their deceased companions.

When elephants come across deceased remains of other elephants, a silent pause is taken, as the remains are touched with their trunks.

However, today we witness the mourning behaviour of an elephant which had shared a closed relationship with its owner for ten years.

Scroll to 0:08 minutes of the video below to see how the elephant entered into the hall:


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