Talented architect in Hong Kong builds affordable houses from concrete pipes to help young people


Besides the constant increment in housing prices each year, the unstable economic situation is making it hard for working young adults to buy a house of their own.

Realizing this problem, a talented local architect from Hong Kong James Law decided to find a cheaper way to provide low-cost housing and found one great idea. Law’s idea was to build houses using unconventional material such as the concrete plumbing pipe.

This invention was made particularly to cater to young adults who wished to have their own houses.

Credit: Dezeen

House will be built using this concrete pipe.

Credit: Dezeen

According to a statistic by the American demographic consultant, Hong Kong is listed in the 10 most difficult areas to buy houses in the world for seven years in a row. Therefore, Law was determined to resolve this problem through his own company, James Law Cybertecture and come out with the outstanding notion.

This large concrete plumbing pipe is used to build a small house inside, with complete function and practicality.

Credit: Dezeen

Known as the O-POD Tube Housing, the house is 100 square feet and able to accommodate 1 to 2 people.

Credit: Dezeen

It may seem just a little too small for a house in the first place, the concrete plumbing pipe can protect its residents from fire, wind, hot weather, and loud noises. Not only that, but it can also withstand extraordinary pressure.

What is even more interesting, the pipe house is included with basic furniture, a convertible sofa that can be used as a bed, mini-fridge and a few more other important necessities.

Despite the limited space available, the small house is also equipped with a kitchen and bathroom too!

Credit: Dezeen

It looks nice and neat.

Credit: Dezeen

The diameter of the pipe house is approximately 2.5 meters. Thanks to its compact and space-savvy design, this pipe house connected by simple stairs can be placed in the narrow aisle between the buildings and arranged in stacks.

As the pipe boasted around 22 tons, hence it’s not easy to move it around or keep it anywhere. 

Credit: Dezeen

But due to its easy stabilization feature, the installation cost is inclined on the cheaper side.

Credit: Dezeen

Current price suggested for the house will be Hong Kong Dollar 120,000 (around $15289) and it is currently still in the prototype stage.

Hopefully, the project will be successful and a lot more young people will be able to afford their own houses in the future.

Credit: Dezeen


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