“Happy Mother’s Day, daddy” Daughter thanks police father for taking care of her after mother passed away 3 years ago


Moved with tears, loved beyond words. That’s the apt description of how these two policemen had the greatest honor of their life when they were invited to celebrate Mother’s Day with their children.

Having both parents is a privilege many of us can’t deny. Some children however, grow up facing the harsh reality of having only one parent throughout their lives. While the plight of these children raises the most concerns, neglected is the doubled responsibilities the single parents take upon their shoulders.

Police officers Ding Weicheng and Ji Shiqiang are both single parents whose wives have passed away. In an advanced Mother’s Day celebration held by one of the Police Station in Taichung, Taiwan, they were honored by their children and colleagues for the sacrifices of being both a father and mother to their respective families.

“I remember not being able to sleep at night for almost half a year after my wife passed. I kept myself busy at work until 1-2 am every day so that I’ll eventually fall asleep out of exhaustion”, Ji Shiqiang recalls. His wife passed away five years ago.

Ji Yun, his second son mentioned how his father took great care of their mother when she was bedridden, while also managing to send his brother and him to school.

Credit: Facebook/TCBP4U

Ji Shiqiang added to this statement saying what really encouraged him to move forward with life were his sons. “I couldn’t afford my sons losing their father as well’, he said.

Credit: Youtube/CTS

Ding Weicheng’s 11 year’s old daughter gifted him a calligraphy that read, “Daddy, thank you for everything you did. Happy Mother’s Day!” Recalling the days when her mother passed away, she cried while expressing gratitude to his father during the harsh period.

He was moved at the sight of it and couldn’t hold back his tears anymore.

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It has been three years since his wife died and Ding is grateful for all the kind people he has met since.

“They really helped me get out of the grief and pain”, he said. He added, “My daughter’s love and sensibility has been my biggest motivation for work and life.”

Credit: Facebook/TCBP4U

Behind the sturdy uniforms and strict faces, these two policemen showed us that they are humans too after all. All it took was some flowers and heartfelt wishes to let them know that they too deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.


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