For 10 years, this man spends over half of his salary to feed stray animals and is happy with it


Nothing quite puts a smile on our face as pets do especially cats and dogs. Their quirky antics and adorable faces are quick mood boosters in times of stress. In return, animal lovers would do extravagant things for their pets. 

Recently, a Facebook user, Azman Ali II, witnessed a man’s bonding time with strays and shared it online.

Credit: Facebook/Azman Ali II

Anfalazie Anuar or Ann works on two alternate jobs; as a parking attendant and a cleaner. Despite that, his collective salary doesn’t add up to much, just enough to provide for himself and his family.

Happiness for Ann means spending more than half of his salary to buy food for the strays for more than ten years.

Credit: mStar

He loves his street cats and dogs. Seeing them and feeding them twice a day has been a part of his life. So, he doesn’t mind forking out his income for their wellbeing. Sometimes it would mean just having plain rice with soy sauce.

The stray cats and dogs would wait for him daily at the same spot at regular times to enjoy the food that Ann brought them.

Credit: Facebook/Azman Ali II

No matter rain or shine, Ann never once missed his routine. He added that there were times he was unwell yet he couldn’t bear to let the animals starve, so he still went on to buy food and feed them. The strays too, are very attached to Ann.

Grateful is what Ann feels. He is not rich but he is content with what he has. “As long as I get to take care of my family and spend time with the street animals, I don’t need anything else”‘ he says.

Credit: mStar


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