Most people have the wrong answer on their first try—can you count how many ‘Q’ are hidden in this picture?

Credit: The Laugh Bible

Human loves challenging their senses and testing own abilities. We’re just curious about how much we would be able to do things and to what extent is our capabilities.

This is why people come up with more and more mindboggling brain teasers and optical illusions to somehow put our abilities to test. When some might be different, but it’s all about figuring things out and put more effort into focusing on certain things.

One of these puzzle variations is no exception. It seems quite simple, but most people get it wrong on their first try. What we have to do is to find the letters that stand out from the rest.

Find the letter Q:

This an image with a lot of letter O’s. However, there would be several letter Q’s hidden in between the O’s. The question is, how many Q’s are there in the image? Put away all the distractions and focus only on the puzzle, you have 10 seconds from now to decide the answer!

Count the Q’s now!

Credit: The Laugh Bible

10 seconds is up! Did you have your answer? Most people get it wrong on their first try because it’s actually harder than you think. Let’s find out how well did you do.

This is the solution. All the letter Q’s are marked in yellow.

Credit: The Laugh Bible

The answer is there are 6 letter Q’s hidden in the image!

Did you get it right?

Credit: The Laugh Bible


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