Choose one of these six flowers to know your career, marriage and life directions


Flowers are nature’s best creations. With hundreds and hundreds of variety of flowers to look at, one can be quite spoilt for choice. Some people believe that different flowers symbolize different things. Roses are meant to be romantic, sunflowers reflect strength and resilience while daisies are feminine.

These six beautiful flowers below each carry a certain message. If you’re in for the fun, pick one and follow along to find out the meaning behind your flower of choice.

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(1) First flower

Though you appear to be nonchalant, on the inside you care deeply of how people see you. You work hard to get where you want to be, yet there is still a little inferiority lurking somewhere in you.

In matters of relationship, you are very loving and sensitive.

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You are afraid of getting hurt so you are picky with your choice. Your life will be blessed with minimal setbacks as long as you are willing to work hard.

(2) Second flower

Your perfectionist nature demands a high-quality life. You are rational, level-headed and your intentions are always clear.

A partner with a sense of humor is what you seek. They have to share your thirst for adventure and must be willing to explore the world with you.

You are a heady mix of romantic and realist. Naturally, you will make good money and have a higher status in life.

(3) Third flower

You speak things as they are, but sometimes they backfire because it’s too harsh for other people. You are a free person, rules and boundaries don’t work well with you.

You believe that love is only a part of life, not life itself. Your ideal partner is someone who is strong, interesting and is able to support your dreams. You’re afraid that marriage life will be filled with practical problems but it only bothers you until you actually get married.

Yours will be a life lived with content and love.

(4) Fourth flower

You’re popular, but that’s probably because you tend to be a people pleaser. You can’t say no to others. You are also gentle with your point of view.

You yearn to be loved, but rarely confess your feelings to your partner. Material possessions mean nothing to you as long as your partner and you are willing to work things out together.

You will have an enviable life blessed with many children.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

(5) Fifth flower

You are easy to be friends with, but tend to reserve your feelings only to your close circle of friends and family. You hate competitions. Humility wins you over pride.

You possess strong analytical skills that make you a favorite among colleagues.

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Your relationship strengthens around your expressive, home-bound nature. Communication is vital for a long-term relationship for you. Life is wealthy for you and your partner, but you don’t boast about it.

(6) Sixth flower

Ambitions run high in your life. You want to be someone significant and will go to any lengths to achieve that. Reflections on the illusions of life leave you with dissatisfaction and pressure.

Your love life is sometimes unfavorable because of your attention-seeking tricks on your partner. You like to tease each other to make the relationship interesting.

You rely on yourself as much as you rely on others and that will eventually make you reach your target in life.


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