6-yo boy dials 911 for a sweet “emergency”—he needs a friend and does not want to be alone


Being lonely certainly isn’t the best feeling in the world. While some find more common ways to fill in their lack of companionship, this 6-year-old from Florida tried something unconventional—and it worked in favor of him!

Credit: Facebook/City Of Tallahassee Police Department

The sweet little boy made an emergency call to 911, asking them to send him a friend to play with. His mother was away at work so he didn’t have anyone to spend his free time with. What turned this incident from ‘uh-oh’ to ‘awww’ is that the dispatcher actually sends a police officer over to the boy’s house to check on him.

Joe White is a Tallahassee police officer who was lucky enough to be the ‘friend’.

Credit: Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department

As soon as he got to the boy’s house, the lonely boy asked him to be his friend. Such sweet innocence! Joe couldn’t turn down the proposal, so he handed over a plush toy to him. It was a gesture that implied “he’d always be a friend” to him.

The kind police officer also took this opportunity to educate the six-year-old about the proper uses of emergency calls. They hung around for a while and Joe even took him for a ride in his patrol car around the neighborhood.

Credit: Facebook/City Of Tallahassee Police Department

The city of Tallahassee Police Department shared this heartwarming encounter on their Facebook page. The post was shared by many and Officer Joe received praise for taking some time off his work to spend time with the boy and teach him about 911.

“Now that’s cute! It’s nice to hear a positive story for a change! Blessings to that little guy!”, commented Janet Mckay.

Another user said that it is such a sweet thing to do as the boy will now have a friend for life and awesome memories to look back to.

Credit: Inspire More



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