Spot the subtle differences and find out the true nature of your character


Everyone is unique in their own way. Like fingerprints, where no two are alike, no two individuals are exactly the same. However with this being said, numerous studies have been done in order to draw similarities between different types of people.

The two pictures shown below are not entirely the same. Try to spot as many differences as you can in the images below and find out what that says about yourself:

How many differences can you find?

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 7

(D) 8

People who choose (A) 5 differences

You are naturally very sensitive and in-tune with your instincts.

The biggest drawback to your character is that you can be lazy and avoid having to do things that you find troublesome. You find the easiest and most efficient way to do the tasks assigned to you.

This saves you time and require less energy, your motto is “Work smart not work hard.” You have a sharp tongue and can be very frank towards strangers. It takes time for you to make close friends but when you do, you will invest a lot in your friendships.

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People who choose (B) 6 differences

You have strength in being patient. You are in control of your feelings and know how to mediate a tense situation. People call on you often to get your insight on certain circumstances because of your strong rationale and your ability to look at a situation from different perspectives.

However, you may face difficulty in wholly expressing yourself to someone because there aren’t many people who you can put your trust in.

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People who chose (C) 7 differences

You love it when everything is well-ordered and organized. You strive for perfection and will stop at nothing short of that ideal. You have an even temper and seldom get on people’s nerves.

The only problem people may face when they are with you is the fact that you can unknowingly be bossy. You have a tendency to be nit-picky and try to steer situations into the course you have planned. Spontaneity is your weakness because you are not in control of spontaneous situations.

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People who chose (D) 8 differences

You are soft-hearted and find it easy to forgive people. You try not to take life too seriously and your good humor makes you magnetic. People are drawn towards you because you are easy to talk to and get-along with.

However, some individuals may exploit your forgiving personality and take advantage of your kind nature. You are a simple person who strives to live a simple life.

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