Try this brain test to find out if you are a genius. Only 1 out of 10 people can do this!


Learning has become so much easier now that the internet does half the work on behalf of us. All we have to do is click and the answer to whatever we search for is right there within seconds. While this is helpful for saving our time and labor, our brain’s productivity is declining. 

Our brain is made up of billions of nerve connections that need to be put into work constantly for it to function. Imagine the gear of your car. What do you do when it gets rusted and doesn’t move any longer? You oil it, of course. Likewise, your brain needs some oiling too every now and then.

There are many ways to exercise your brain. The more popular ones are crossword puzzles, trivia questions, and Sudoku puzzles. The internet also provides a plethora of quick online tests for a quick brain-picking.

Here is one of such tests.

Did you look long and hard at the image above? What do you see? If your answer is “Nothing much really. Just rows and rows of letter M”, then you might want to have a second look.

This is a tricky image pattern that puts your mind-eye coordination at test. Here’s a hint: there’s a letter N hidden among these Ms. All you got to do is find it. But there’s a catch to it. You have ONLY ten seconds to do it.

If you spotted the sneaky letter within 10 seconds, here’s some good news for you. You’re 1 out of the 10 people who can actually ace this test. Do you know what that makes you? A genius!

Okay. Ready? 3…2…1…let’s go!

How did you fare? Think you got it within the time frame? If you missed the shot, it’s alright. Here’s the hidden N.

That was a good challenge, right? I’m sure you’re feeling all pumped and productive right now.


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