Why is bubble tea the worst drink to consume? Experts tells the reasons we should be concerned

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Food is an inevitable element of life. Needless to say, it is through food that culture and language-transcending connections are made. Since it’s the best way to someone’s heart, the food industry has taken some everyday food and turned it into a fad that drives people head-over-heels with their creations.

Some of the more recent food trends are spicy noodles, rainbow cheese and of course, bubble tea. Bubble tea is claimed to originate from Asia. What it is essentially is flavored milk tea that has sago pearls in them.

The bubble tea craze has taken the world by storm in such a short span of time that now we can’t imagine going by a day without having them.

Is this what sweet addiction feels like?

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While it tastes heavenly, nutritionists have suggested that it is not the healthiest beverage to consume. In fact, bubble tea tops the list of worst drinks ever to have. What could be so bad about tea right? Research shows that one regular cup of bubble tea contains 34 grams of sugar.

If you’re still clueless, that’s about 70% of our daily sugar intake as recommended by WHO.

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Imagine having your regular meals and then drinking bubble tea to wash it all off. Right there, you have exceeded your daily sugar quota.

Not only that, bubble teas also have a high amount of trans fat. Yes, they make your drink taste better but in the long run, this seemingly unharming beverage can lead to diabetes, heart disease and even stroke if consumed routinely.

We know how difficult it would be to give up on your favorite drink right away, and we’re not asking you to do so. Everything consumed in moderation will cause no harm to health. If you’re a devoted bubble tea fan, you can have it once every few months or try healthier tea options for better living.

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