Woman found picture of deceased grandfather on Google Street View and couldn’t stop crying


Two sisters from Changhua, Taiwan decided to scour Google Street View after the death of their grandfather and were overwhelmed with what they found. 

Jia Jia Wu and her younger sister had suffered the loss of their grandfather in 2017. He had died from a heart attack at the age of 77 years old. After his passing, the sisters came up with the idea of going through Google Street View to see if they could find him on it. 

They did not have many photos of their grandfather and decided to comb through Google Street View to see if they could find an image of him. 

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

They looked through the small-town streets and traced the route that their grandfather took nearly every day to transport vegetables. Their hunch proved fruitful as they actually managed to find a picture of their grandfather by the street.

Wu recalled in an interview she did with Buzzfeed, “I couldn’t stop crying when I saw him. I keep thinking about how I was just talking to him a few days ago, and how unreal everything feels.”

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

The family wanted to put together an album with all the photos of their granddad and can add the one they found of him from Google street view. 

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

Wu said that she did not have any photos of her with her granddad and that she hardly saw him when she moved to another city after she got married. 

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

Her grandfather spent most of his days tending to his farm and looking after stray dogs and riding his scooter through town. 

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

She shared the discovery on Facebook and her post was shared by hundreds of netizens who were equally shocked by the revelation. 

Credit: Jia Jia Wu

Credit: Buzzfeed.News | Facebook


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