Filipino bride made a grand entrance for her wedding on a buffalo-drawn carriage


Feeling up for a trivia quiz? Okay here’s a quick question. What is the national animal of Philippines? Yes, it’s the water buffalo or locally known as carabao. Typically, carabaos are used to plough the land in fields for farming purpose. They are ideal for heavy duty labor because of their large and strong body.

This one Filipino bride found another way to make use of the animal, and whatever you think it is, we promise you it’s better.

She arrived at her wedding on a carriage, not just any carriage—but an actual carabao carriage!

Credit: Facebook/Tee Radio

You bet all eyes were on her, or her unique of mode transportation more precisely.

This creative bride wanted the wedding of her dreams, you know, feeling all princessy riding in a fancy carriage arriving at your wedding destination like in fairytales. But she didn’t want to spend a large amount of money realizing her dreams just for a few hours of the ceremony.

So, she found an alternative close to her traditions that is not only out-of-the-box but also wouldn’t burn a hole in her wedding dress.

Credit: Facebook/Tee Radio

Her genius idea won the internet over with 4 million views garnered for the video of her being drawn forward on the four-legged carriage that was uploaded on Facebook.

The bride was seen all dolled up in a white ball gown and veil over her face seated on the flower-decked carriage. She had a beautiful smile on her face the entire procession, assuring everyone that she was quite happy with her choice.

Just like in the fairytales, this bride made a grand entrance for her wedding and we are living for it.


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