Here’s why you should make this ‘dreamy pink beach’ your next travel destination — It’s too beautiful!


Planning for a vacation? A destination wedding? You definitely want to add the Pink Beach on Komodo Island in your list. As the name suggests, the popular tourist spot prides on its crystal clear water, cerulean sky blanketing the horizon of lush green hills and cotton candy sands.


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Located on one of the many islands in Indonesia, the picturesque beach is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its marine life-rich resources and Komodo dragon conservation activities.

Locally called the Red Beach, the pink-tinted sand gets its color from microorganisms called Foraminifera, which produces the red pigments for coral reefs.


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When disintegrated pieces of the coral get swayed to the shore by waves, it combines with the white sand and creates a visually stunning result.

Travel websites recommend that the best times to visit the place is from April to June and September to November. These duration of time is said to be ideal for the pink hue of the beach to be visible.

Thanks to the transparent waters, the beautifully formed coral gardens on the sea bed makes a great attraction for snorkeling and diving activities.


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If you prefer to stay on land, you’ll have a great opportunity to observe the giant lizard the island is named after, the Komodo dragons.

The beach is also a photography haven as amateurs and professionals alike fly there to capture a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery.

Drones are a popular device to take pictures because it provides a bird’s eye view of the entire island with the entirety of its beauty coming together in one beautiful shot.


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Nature lovers can enjoy the serenity of the beach as it also serves as a perfect spot for spiritual healing. A few minutes of meditation or yoga on the beach will not only calm your mind, but also uplift your senses and leave you feeling replenished.


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If you had the chance, you should definitely visit this one-stop wonder and let it take your breath away.

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