The ‘cracking’ effects of this glass bridge in China will leave you holding on to your dear life


Adventure seekers. Daredevils. Adrenaline junkies. Different labels but they all have one thing in common; they absolutely thrive on thrill. To meet the thrilling experience, China has come up with a glittering attraction for these people; glass bridges with a twist.

Credit: Pixabay

What makes the East Taihang Glasswalk in Hubei province stands out from the rest is their touch of special effects that provide a wholesome experience to the visitors. When tourists walk on the bridge, they’d probably see the glass panels underneath starting to crack.

Fallen victim to this brilliant prank is a tour guide whose reaction video was uploaded online.

Credit: Facebook/People’s Daily, China

As he was reaching towards the other end of the 3800 feats up-in-the-air bridge, the ground beneath his feet started to shatter. To make things realistic, there were surround sound effects that surely made him panic.

He dropped to the ground and grabbed on to the edge of the walkway for his dear life, shortly after which he was assured that it wasn’t real and that he was safe.

Credit: Facebook/People’s Daily, ChinaThese candid experiences are made possible with the help of infrared sensors placed along the bridge that detects continuous movements when tourists walk on it.

While the special effects are intended to make things exciting, some agreed to disagree. People were worried that the sudden shock might inflict visitors with heart attacks or traumatize them, which defeats the actual purpose of the idea.

The administration has since sincerely apologized for the raised concerns among many but made a point to assure that the effects will not be taken down.

What are your thoughts on the special effects? Worth giving a shot or you’d rather keep your heart intact?

Credit: Straits Times



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