‘The baby isn’t crying!’ Pregnant woman gave birth on street, this pretty female vet came to the rescue and saved her baby’s life

Credit: Facebook/เพื่อนซี้สี่ขา ประสาหมอมน (left); Youtube/Puricha Chairuengpat (middle and right)

We all have instances of emergency where instead of acting right, we act smart. More often than not, it works in our favor because doing the smart thing means taking advantage of whatever resources available within practical reach of time.

A passerby acted smart when he rushed to the nearest veterinarian clinic to seek help for a newborn and the mother because the hospital was too far to make it in time. The pregnant woman is claimed to have given birth on May 19th on a dark isolated street alley in Thailand.

Credit: Facebook/Min K Wg

She was found lying on the ground with the umbilical cord still attached to the baby. But there was a problem. The baby wasn’t crying.

Passersby tried to help figure out her condition using the lighting of their mobile phones but they grew worried as the baby didn’t move or make any sound.

Credit: Facebook/Min K Wg

The female veterinarian, upon hearing the news rushed to the scene to check up on them. A quick inspection on the newborn revealed that the baby’s condition was unusual physically and the vital signs such as heartbeat rate and pulse were unstable as well.

She immediately brought both the mother and baby back to her clinic.

Credit: Facebook/Min K Wg

A few procedures later, the baby burst out into loud, incessant crying. She did it! She saved the child. The doctor later explained that the cold temperature of the street the baby was birthed onto caused the baby to be still with no breathing.

The timely treatment warmed up the newborn’s body and revitalized the breathing and blood flow into a more normal pace. The vet was extremely happy she could be of help. The mother, on the other hand, is grateful to her for saving her baby’s life. Watch the video below to know further:

Credit: Facebook


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