Can you solve this math riddle under 10 seconds? It’s not as easy as you think it is!


In school, there are always two types of people. The one that loves mathematics and ones that are not really friends with it. Despite the differences, everyone loves a good brain teaser.

Recently, a simple-looking math challenge has been popping around a lot and it looks super easy. But what makes it interesting is that not many people can actually solve it within ten seconds.

Can you calculate the number where the question mark is located within ten seconds?

Did you solve the challenge and figure out the last number after 32, 45, 60, and 77?

If you can’t find the answer and still unsure of which number belongs there, the answer is below this picture.

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Time for the answer:

Did you get 96 as the answer? If yes, congratulations! The answer is indeed 96.

How did we get there?

If you look at the first two numbers, 32 and 45, the difference between them is 13.


In the next number, the difference between 45 and 60 is 15.


So that would be 13+2=the difference.

In the next sets of numbers, we can guess that the difference must be a number that has been added to 2 as well.

And the difference between 60 and 77 is 17. That is indeed 15+2=17.

By common sense, the difference between 77 and the next number must be a number that is added to number 2 again as the numbers of the different show a frequent pattern: 13, 15, 17.

That means 17+2=19.

So the last part would be adding 77 and 19 together.


Hence, the answer is 96!

Did you get it right?

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