Creative mom turns her baby into a fruit fairy by making an outfit entirely out of pomelo skin


Parents are super creative when it comes to their kids. Having a mini version of them waddling around the house performing their extensive quirks sure gives inspiration to them. They document every precious little moment of their growth for memories to be looked back on years later when their children are all grown up. 

This creative mom went few steps further and turned her baby into a ‘fruit fairy’.

Credit: Instagram/Weibaby0712

Yup, that’s right. Pomelos are a popular fruit among the Chinese. They are nutritious and have a cooling effect to the body, making them perfect the fruit during the Mid Autumn Festival.

The large species of grapefruit is multifunctional. The flesh can be eaten of course, but the skin too can be used for various other purposes. They can be made into lanterns, candle holders and even hats due to their waterproof layer.

The mother DIY-ed the pomelo skin into a complete outfit for her little princess. In her Instagram page, the cute baby can be seen donning a hat, bikini top and flared skirt all entirely made out of the fruit.

Credit: Instagram/Weibaby0712

In a relevant video, the adorable little pomelo princess is seen to shimmy along to the music being played in the background. Unlike most kids, she didn’t pull a face of threw a tantrum of having the ‘costume’ put on her. It looks like she approves of her mother’s design.

In fact, the dainty fairy got a little too excited and starting belting more heavy steps, which eventually turned into jumps.


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The bikini slipped out of place, to which the designer mom quickly came to save the day. She adjusted the top and pomelo princess continued enjoying her new look.

We are sure the little one would grow up to become a fashion icon and inspire many with her unique looks.


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