Eldest sister sacrifices her own dream to send 6 siblings to school so that they could have theirs and her story touches netizens


We often hear the saying ‘blood runs thicker than water’. Though how many of us are actually willing to put it into practice in our own families, especially when it involves countless sacrifices?

Ghel Martinez did – and her touching Facebook post reminded us all how sometimes the biggest achievement you can attain is putting your dreams on hold to make sure your loved ones are happy and successful.

Credit: Facebook/Ghel Martinez

The eldest of six siblings, Ghel realized at a young age that she had to take on her parents’ responsibility to provide education for her siblings. When she was in elementary school, she sold fruits and food items to earn a little extra income besides helping her aunt in the weekends to sell vegetables.

Later in high school, she had dreams of pursuing Criminology and eventually becoming a policeman or soldier.

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However, her parents could not afford to send Ghel to school anymore and she had to quit. Despite taking up a job at a fast food chain, the income wasn’t sufficient enough to provide for her family.

She then worked in a call center, at which she took up side jobs designing event spaces and selling recycled bottles. Gradually, she moved to a bigger company where she started off as a team leader and got promoted to the assistant manager position.

As her career was developing, so was her financial stability. Although it isn’t easy, she made sure her siblings were capable of paying off their fees ahead of the deadline.

Last year, her sister Abigail graduated with an Architecture degree and her younger brother, this year with a cum laude in Accountancy. There are three more siblings that need to be sent to college, but with three of them helping out now, it would certainly be much easier for Ghel.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Vasily Koloda on Unsplash)

“I am very proud of my siblings. I will never regret making them my priority,” Ghel says.

All the sacrifices Ghel made have paid off now that her siblings have secured promising futures for themselves. As for Ghel, she will continue to work hard to ensure her family is provided for.

Credit: The Summit Express / Inquirer.NET


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