‘My boyfriend’s dominating colleague always reaches for the co-driver’s seat and it’s driving me nuts’

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What do you do when you have a possessive relationship? But it’s not you or your partner who’s dominating? Confusing enough? It certainly did for a woman named Po. She recently shared in a chatroom about her boyfriend’s female colleague, who appears to be possessive for all the wrong reasons.

Po’s boyfriend has a group of colleagues whom he’s particularly in good terms with. Their clique consists of several males and one female. And like every other workmate, they often hang out after working hours.

Since Po’s boyfriend is the only one that owns a car, they always carpool together.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Unsplash)

Nothing out of ordinary, right? Except that every time they go out, the female colleague rushes to call shotgun. She would eagerly take the co-driver seat even when there is enough space to fit another person at the back.

What’s unacceptable is that even when Po joins them for a night out, she insists on sitting next to her boyfriend. 

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

Her reason being that Po is ‘skinnier’ than her so she would be a better fit behind as she didn’t want to get squished between her other colleagues. One day, she opened the front door only to see Po sitting at the co-driver seat and slammed the door hard and refused to share the backseat.

On their way back to the car after dinner, she even had the guts to ask Po to sit at the back. Po was dumbfounded by the request. When her other colleagues questioned her unreasonable behavior, she pulled a face at them. How ridiculous!

Po suspected that she had a hidden agenda because once, she invited Po’s boyfriend to dinner and specifically requested him to not bring his girlfriend along.

Thankfully, her boyfriend noticed her intentions and refused to join them. Though that backfired her, she deserved it.


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