Woman attempts dramatic Bollywood-style suicide after she was fired, successfully gets job back after that

Credit: Indiatoday (L) / Twitter/Newsd (R)

When was the last time you watched a Bollywood movie? There’s so much excitement going on in those movies that keep us hooked to it. Lots of colors, intense emotions, dramatic plot twists, you name it.

This woman in India pulled off an elaborate stunt right out a classic Bollywood movie when she found out she was fired from her job. She works at a private consultancy firm located at Sector 18 of the cyber city, Gurugram.

Though the reasons for her job termination are still unknown, she clearly was not happy about it.

Instead of accepting the fate and moving on, she decided to do the extreme.

Credit: Twitter/Newsd

The woman was traumatized and upset, so she went up to the top terrace of her office building, stood at the edge of it and threatened to jump off the building. Definitely not the wisest decision.

Her colleagues eventually found out about her unlikely endeavor and rushed to her rescue. They tried every trick in the book to change her mind but she did not budge. Worried for the worst to happen, they resorted to calling the police.

The police authorities rushed to the incident spot but to no avail. Even they could not get her to get off the building.

She was threatening to kill herself and threw a fit upon seeing them.

Credit: Twitter/Newsd

As a final attempt, they had to call out for the woman’s office administration personnel. After a few minutes of confrontations, the deal was sealed. They promised to not fire her if she got off the building.

Do you want to guess what happened next?

Of course, she came off the edge of the terrace.

Credit: Twitter/Newsd

Not sure if she performed the entire act knowing she would get her way back in or it was pure luck but either way, it was a happy ending for all.

Credit: India Today / Latestly



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