Woman has 600 holes in eyes after using phone on maximum screen brightness for 8 hours daily

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Mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. We aren’t able to function without it because half of our daily activities are carried out through the handy gadget.

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However, you might want to take caution next time. Ms. Chen is a secretary whose job requires her to be on the phone for 6-8 hours. Be it at work or after-hours where she needs to keep in touch with her friends, it’s almost impossible for her to part ways with her phone.

One day, while she was browsing through her phone, she felt tears running down her eyes and it caused painful irritation. Afraid of further complicating her condition, she went to the doctor.

She was shocked when the doctor found 500-600 holes in her cornea.

Credit: Yahoo News

Not only that, her eyes were severely infected. Further observation concluded that the cause of the condition was due to the extreme brightness of her mobile phone.

Being exposed to such bright light for a prolonged time inflicted a ‘microwave thermal effect’ which literally burned the white parts of her eyes. The ophthalmologist explained that the effect carries the same radiation as that of a microwave oven. You go too near to it, it burns your skin.

Ms. Chen is prescribed with antibiotics and steroids and is slowly recovering. Similar situations have also happened in the past.

One of the instances is when you’re looking at your mobile phone screen under the scorching sun.

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The rays of the sunlight, when combined with the light from the screen infiltrates the retina and burns holes into your eyes. The public has been constantly reminded to reduce their mobile phone usage time to 3-4 hours per day.

It is also advised that one should adjust their phone’s brightness according to the natural light of their surrounding environment. It may seem trivial, but doing so can potentially save your vision.

Credit: Yahoo News


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