This 11-yo girl blows away the World’s Got Talent judges with her own song, her powerful voice will give you chills

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Talent shows are a perfect platform for people to unleash their artistic abilities to the world. It provides them with recognition and can even kickstart someone’s career. One of the most famous talent shows is World’s Got Talent.

In their latest 2019 season, they had a 11 year-old participant, Celine Tam.

Credit: Facebook/Celine Tam Official

The singing sensation from Hong Kong shot to international fame with her stellar voice and beautiful rendition of songs from Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and the likes of them.

In the latest episode of the talent show, Celine was awarded the Golden Buzzer for her mindblowing performance of a song called ‘Who I Am’, which was written and composed by the young talent herself.

Celine first started singing when she was three years old. She says that she feels like a whole other person when she sings.

Before this, she had been doing covers of famous songs and uploading it on her Facebook page.

When she first decided to write her own song, she showed it to her mother. “My mother was shocked when I told her I am going to sing my own song”, she said.

“When I heard the lyrics, I felt a sharp tug in my heart”, said her mother. Her daughter has written a song that is deeply emotional and mature in feelings.

Celine talks proudly of her first composition. “I know I’m still young and there’s so much for me to explore out there. The world is waiting for me”, she says.

She impressed all four of the judges with her performance that night.

Credit: YouTube/Got Talent Global

One of the judges who recalled meeting her in another show three years ago was particularly overwhelmed with emotions.

She was seen explaining to another judge about how she had grown so much from the last time they met.

Watch her performance here:

Credit: YouTube / Facebook


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