“OMG you look like a water Godzilla” Honeymoon pictures gone hilariously wrong as husband captured hair flip moment of wife

Credit: Imgur (L), Facebook/爆廢公社 (R)

Besides marriage, honeymoon is one of the things newlyweds spend a lot of time planning for and look forward to. Couples these days prefer to have their honeymoon abroad so that they can get away from the bustle of home.

They also tend to take as many pictures as they can during their trip to commemorate the everlasting moments.

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A newlywed recently shared in a Facebook group about her hilarious honeymoon experience with her husband. A few days ago, the couple left for Maldives for their wedding retreat. The paradise island is a popular honeymoon spot, owing to its pristine beaches and picturesque sceneries.

As such, one would definitely want to take pictures everywhere they go. When the couple was having a day out at the beach, they were surrounded by minty green water. The wife thought to herself that she shouldn’t let such a beautiful moment go to waste.

“I want to take pictures in the water”, she lovingly told her husband. In her mind, she was envisioning those photo shoots where the model does a hair flip right as she comes out of the water, creating a beautiful flower-like effect.

Listening carefully to her, all the husband said was “I know”. The photo shoot session commenced and the husband even gave posing ideas as to where she should stand and flip her hair, which boosted her confidence. When the wife went back to look at the pictures her romantic husband had just captured, she was disappointed.

It looked nothing like she had imagined.

Credit: Facebook/爆廢公社

To make it worse, “I think it’s not that bad”, said the husband. The audacity! He had clearly missed the timing and framing on the pictures which made her look like she’s on a rage. Netizens had a good laugh looking at her pictures.

“I’m sorry this is funny, you look like a water Godzilla”, read a comment.

Credit: Facebook/爆廢公社
Credit: Facebook/爆廢公社

“Is your husband even alive?”, asked one.

The wife replied “Thank you for your concern, yes he’s alive”, clearly having a laugh herself on the entire situation.

Though it’s not as expected, it’s safe to say the couple created some memories to last their lifetime.

Credit: Facebook


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