Wife keeps a secret of their marriage in a box. On her final days, she finally tells her husband what the box means to her

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An old couple had been married for decades, and have lived an enviable marriage life.

Unfortunately, old age has taken toll on the wife which caused her to be hospitalized. The doctor told them that she does not have much time left and there is nothing much that they can do.

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The husband cried when the doctor broke the news to them and his wife was surprisingly quiet and just showed a worried look on her wrinkled face.

In the split moment, she recalled back the ups and downs that they went through together.

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They have never had any arguments or dispute before, and not even raised their voices against each other. Many would not believe it but it’s the truth.

Apparently, the wife has figured out that in order for them to lead a happy life, she should never get into an argument with her husband. Fairly enough, she has been obedient to her pledge.

They lived a peaceful life void of any heated disagreements. Even when they encountered problems, they had transparent discussions about it in a calm state of mind.

However, the wife also had a secret box on top of her closet.

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She had never opened it in front of her husband nor let him touch it. The husband, too, had been respectful of her privacy. Now that she has been hospitalized, she was worried he would not get a chance to know the truth once she’s gone. She told him to bring the box to her on his next visit.

The husband opened the box once he returned home. Much to his confusion, there were two woolen dolls and a large sum of money inside—$95000 to be precise.

The very next day, he brought the box, along with his confusion to his wife. Looking at his face, she knew he needed an explanation.

She told him that the dolls were an important part of their marriage life.

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Every time she was angry with her husband, she would pick up a bundle of yarn and start weaving a doll.

Caught by emotion, the husband shed a tear and asked, “There are only two dolls in this box. Does this mean you’ve only been angry with me twice in our lives? And what about the money?”

After listening to his question, the wife replied with a witty smile on her face.

“Oh, that’s the money I made selling the rest of the dolls”, she revealed.

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The wife’s answer had made him both laugh and cry. It was her final days but she still joked about their married life, trying to bring him relief. At that point, he realized why he fell in love with her when they were young.

Relationships are based on mutual trust and open communications. It’s important to have a life partner who you can confide in times of joy and sorrow.

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